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Voted "Best in STEM 2021" by Newsweek Magazine (Nov. 6th, 2020 Issue)
Voted "Best in STEM 2021" by Newsweek Magazine (Nov. 6th, 2020 Issue)
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Give YOUR child the advantage, in a world that is changing.

Entrepreneurial skills are life skills, and your child will need them to compete in this post COVID world, whether they become entrepreneurs or employees.

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The benefits of The Entrepreneur Game

* PLAYERS UTILIZE LIFE SKILLS NEEDED FOR SUCCESS - Math Critical Thinking Decision-Making Budgeting Investing Branding Negotiating Marketing Partnership and a host of other 21st Century skills and concepts to survive and acquire money in this New World

*TRANSFORMS CLASSROOMS AND HOMES INTO INCREDIBLE PLACES OF LEARNING - Your children will have fun and want to play this board game every day - Your kids choose their own businesses- Each player sets their unique vision for expansion all over the world

* PARENTS AND KIDS LEARN TOGETHER - Ages 12 and up - created so 12 year olds can understand and excel - Classic game feel like Monopoly and Life - Top notch education on real entrepreneurship - Get ready to choose your dream business adventure 

* PERFECT FOR GAME NIGHT FOR TEENS AND ADULTS - This game is a blast -You are never too old to follow your dreams - Essential for people who wanted to achieve great things they set for themselves and let go of - Rise to the challenge and use your gifts

*GUARANTEED TO WORK - If you or you children have entrepreneurial aspirations this game taps into that and helps vision come alive - This game is not for everyone - Its only for people who want more than the status quo for their kids and themselves

The Entrepreneur Game is now played by children and adults in 9 Countries around the world!

Congratulations Eno Peters!

Ms. Peters, of ValueMax Academy, is the official Ambassador of The Entrepreneur Game to NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA!

Learn more about Ms. Peters Appointment

Why The Entrepreneur Game and Why Now

Our world has changed. School education has changed. Learning had changed. The way we access knowledge has changed. In order for you, your children, and your teens to have the best shot at success in today's world, we all need a new way of learning the skills it will take to excel. That is why The Entrepreneur Game was created.

New technologies, STEM-based curriculum, and new exciting fields of endeavor mean that we need a new generation of innovators and business creators. The knowledge and vision that are critical to creating the change our world needs are locked up in you and your family.  The Entrepreneur Game is a fun, educational, and interactive way to learn and practices the skills it takes to make money in this new world and to help move it forward.

Your children think differently than your generation and have access to technologies and information beyond what we had. However, because of technology our national math and reading comprehension skills are falling, our communication skills beyond social media is lacking and our critical thinking and decision-making skills are suffering. The Entrepreneur Game is one of the few games on the market that addresses each of these issues and improves the overall skill level of its players. This is why The Entrepreneur Game is the world's First and Only STEM Accredited entrepreneur board game.

The Entrepreneur Game has been sold in nine countries around the world. It has been purchased by school systems on the East and West Coast and a number of schools in the Mid-West. Home School parents and co-ops are buying this game across the U.S. This game did a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and reached its budget in less than five hours. We have endorsements from educators, celebrities and regular people around the world. I know a few people on Amazon have given it a 1 star rating, but that does not reflect the importance and value of this game.


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