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Winner of "BEST IN STEM AWARD" from Newsweek Magazine!
"BEST IN STEM AWARD" Newsweek Magazine!

Complete Entrepreneur Online Educational System

This is revolutionary!

The Entrepreneur Game has now developed and complete educational system that takes the game into the future! 

(Here is the Program, The affiliate link is below)

1. PLAY THE ENTREPRENEUR GAME ONLINE AGAINST ENTREPRENEURS AROUND THE WORLD! The same fun and education that you get with the Mom Approved (Mom's Choice Award 2024) BEST IN STEM (Newsweek Magazine 2021) Award winning Physical game, is now ONLINE! Access the Entrepreneur Board game through our Online Website, on Apple Download, and Google Play Store!

Play against player from around the world, or play against the AI Computer!

2. Log into the User Interface. This portion of the online website contains student information, quizzes, lessons, tests, and your educational Bulletin Board!

3. Watch Live Entrepreneur Classes all year long! There are two (2) Five-Week Entrepreneur classes given every Fall Semester (September -December) and two (2) Five-Week Classes every Spring Semester (February-May). 

Upcoming Classes for Fall Semester 2024:

*How to know what business to start
*How to start a business (Corporations, LLC's, Non-profits)
*Product/Service Creation
*Business Finances

*Creating a Brand
*Targeted Marketing: How to identify your customers/clients
*Online Business Presence
*Pitching Your Business to Investors and Customers


The Entrepreneur Game lays the groundwork for a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs, empowering them to see the world as opportunity rich, and to craft the lives that they dream to live.

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