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Voted "Best in STEM 2021" by Newsweek Magazine (Nov. 6th, 2020 Issue)
Voted "Best in STEM 2021" by Newsweek Magazine (Nov. 6th, 2020 Issue)

The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks

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  • PLAYERS UTILIZE LIFE SKILLS NEEDED FOR SUCCESS - Math Critical Thinking Decision-Making Budgeting Investing Branding Negotiating Marketing Partnership and a host of other 21st Century skills and concepts to survive and acquire money in this New World
  • TRANSFORMS CLASSROOMS AND HOMES INTO INCREDIBLE PLACES OF LEARNING - Your children will have fun and want to play this board game every day - Your kids choose their own businesses- Each player sets their unique vision for expansion all over the world
  • PARENTS AND KIDS LEARN TOGETHER - Ages 12 and up - created so 12-year-olds can understand and excel - Classic game feel like Monopoly and Life - Top-notch education on real entrepreneurship - Get ready to choose your dream business adventure 
  • PERFECT FOR GAME NIGHT FOR TEENS AND ADULTS - This game is a blast -You are never too old to follow your dreams - Essential for people who wanted to achieve great things they set for themselves and let go of - Rise to the challenge and use your gifts
  • GUARANTEED TO WORK - If you or you children have entrepreneurial aspirations this game taps into that and helps vision come alive - This game is not for everyone - It's only for people who want more than the status quo for their kids and themselves


  1. The game uses real-life entrepreneur scenarios to allow players to get a true feel for what it is like to be an entrepreneur.
  2. Players learn (practice) key skills about accounting/math, negotiation tactics, partnership building, idea creation, and more
  3. Teaches critical soft-skills like; problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, brainstorming, risk-taking, facing failure and resilience, goal setting, working together, and confidence.


  • Entrepreneurship is a learnable skill that should be taught early
  • Early exposure to entrepreneurship, finance, investing, business strategies, negotiation tactics, and more are crucial to the success of any capable human beings
  • Entrepreneurship changes the lives of young people and those who are a byproduct of their existence
  • The Entrepreneur Game helps transform homes, classrooms, and programs into an incredible place of learning, allowing students to shine in different areas of business