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21st Century Skills for a 21st Century world!
21st Century Skills for a 21st Century world!


Rise of the Returning Citizen

Edition for current and recently released citizens and for prevention programs.

The new report, “Ex-offenders and the Labor Market,” found that in 2008 there were between 12.3 million and 13.9 million ex-felons in the United States. Over 90 percent are men. These are individuals who will have a hard time finding gainful employment offering a living wage, even though they have talents and skills that can help society when focused on something beneficial. When ex-offenders get desperate and cannot see a path to success, the chances of repeating an offense rises substantially. Let’s offer them another way:

The Entrepreneur Game: Rise of the Returning Citizen

  • Players utilize skill for life and business: math, decision-making, critical thinking, negotiations, investing, marketing and more.
  • Instills necessary knowledge and insights needed to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Transforms classrooms and homes into incredible places of learning
  • Uses real-life entrepreneur scenarios
  • Engaging game designed to transform players learn and apply entrepreneurship in and out of the class

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