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Winner of "BEST IN STEM AWARD" from Newsweek Magazine!
"BEST IN STEM AWARD" Newsweek Magazine!

Meet the Inventor


My name is Elliott Eddie and for me, The Entrepreneur Board Game is a work of passion.

I am a 'serial entrepreneur'. What I mean is that I have been an entrepreneur for many years and I have done many entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently I have a tax preparation business for 10 years (Superior Tax), I invest in Real Estate (distressed properties), I am a worldwide distributed independent filmmaker, published author, four-time Virginia Public Speaking Champion, two-time Internationally awarded public speaker and 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking finalist.

In 2017, I was doing a series of Entrepreneurial workshops for the youth in the public libraries in Richmond, Virginia. During one of the workshops, as I taught about how to recognize your skills/talents and turn that passion into a business, one of the young men in the workshop said something that floored me. After finding out that he knew how to fix bikes and was great at it, I mentioned that he was a candidate for having his own business, even at the young age of 14; I explained to him that he already had a business, he would just need to work it on purpose. This young man responded by saying,

"I can't have my own business, all I do if fix bikes. You have to be somebody special to have your own business and I am not special."

Wow. This blew my mind and it hurt my heart. To be 14 years old and not believe that you can own your own business just because no one has ever opened your eyes to that fact. I thought about his family; they never taught him about his possibilities, maybe because no one ever shared with them their possibilities. I did share some words with the young man and the rest of the class that entrepreneurship was truly possible for each of them. I hoped the lessons and words would stick, but I am not sure it did. When they went back to their worlds, they would be influenced by the people around them, and if there was no one around them with a heart for and information about being an entrepreneur, then the lesson would dwindle away quickly.

That is when it hit me; I wanted to show every child (and adult) that it is possible for them to become an entrepreneur. How would I do it? How could I let the masses know that they could take their passions and make a life from them as an entrepreneur? Then it hit me; why not a board game...and the Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks was born.

The point is to give everyone information and experience in creating, planning and building their own business. I wanted to share with everyone the things you want to consider and how to plan for success. Do you start a home-based or brick & mortar business; what is the difference? How do you market your business, how do you negotiate, how do you make a plan for your businesses success? What are the things you must consider while doing business? What do you do when unfortunate events happen- how do you overcome them and still build your business' success? There were so many questions.

So I was able to sit down and incorporate all of this information into the game. But I also knew it had to be fun and interactive as well as educational. I though of the board games we used to play when I was growing up; how lots of people would get together for fun and fellowship over a game. Families laughed and talked while they played and grew stronger, supporting each other and loving each other. I wanted this game to bring back that happiness. I also thought that if it were interactive, people could learn together. Parents and children could play together and learn together. Parents could teach their children the lessons learned in the game and even learn lessons themselves. Lives would be changed is so many ways for the good.

So this what I am giving to the world; a chance to learn something that they don't teach in school. A chance for families to reunite and enjoy each other again and learn something that will build up everyone. A chance to improve their lives and kick-start their imaginations; to understand that it is never too late or too early to take your passions and turn it into profit.

That is what this game is about; freedom, independence, confidence, fellowship and entrepreneurial education. This game will change your lives and the lives of everyone who plays it by opening up the mind to the possibilities.

Game night will truly never be the same!