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21st Century Skills for a 21st Century world!
21st Century Skills for a 21st Century world!

Web-Based Program

DM Media Incorporated Presents: 

The Entrepreneur Game, Now a Web-based entrepreneurial education for schools across the U.S and then around the world.  

Business Concept: Can we really change the world?



The Problem

All too often, our children are failing in the core school-designated learning programs such as CTE (Career & Technical Education), SOL (Standards of Learning), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), WISE (Women in Science & Technology), and other state-designated testing programs. Falling short in these programs means our youth are struggling with even their base education levels. We owe it to our youth to change this!

Whether they are University bound, seeking a technical degree, want to open their own business, or searching for that first job, their knowledge of mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, communication, decision-making, and critical thinking are all skills necessary to survive, thrive and prepared for a solid future .


The Big Idea

The Entrepreneur Game has evolved to include an on-line system based on the ground-breaking board game (you know, the one that is STEM certified and recently featured in Forbes Magazine and in Yahoo Finance!). This new web-based game format also includes a full curriculum and consistent testing that allow children to improve the core competencies they need to graduate.

Adding a curriculum enables schools to offer the game as a credit-qualifying subject. By using repetition-based learning and relating concepts with in-game actions that reflect real-world applications, students can enhance their knowledge and increase their academic aptitude test scores. The Entrepreneur Game allows schools to boost student success rates while adding a business-focused module to their education program.


Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win (wow, that's a lot of winning!)

Win for Schools: The Entrepreneur Game Web Version (TEG Web, for short) offers a curriculum-based, on-line STEM-certified education program that teaches all aspects of business and entrepreneurial skills while increasing testing scores. This activity-based game provides over-burdened teachers with a plan that engages students and includes real-time support while improving their math, reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills. TEG's web-based format allows flexibility while working across all technology formats (iOS App and Android App) and devices (PC, tablets). TEG supports both in-classroom or remote learning programs.

Best of all, higher testing scores, improved graduation rates, and ground-breaking curriculum convert to increased Local, State and Federal school funding!

Win for Teachers: Over-worked and under-resourced teachers are going to love TEG's digital program. TEG offers the students fun, interactive gameplay that develops entrepreneurial skills while reinforcing core knowledge in math, reading, comprehension, vocabulary skills, boosting confidence and rewarding students with real-world life skills. This online format requires no additional supplies and even provides a designated, real-time TEG Ambassador to assist students on their entrepreneurial journey, allowing teachers to spend their time where they are most needed.

Win for Students: Kids love gaming, and online learning is part of the new norm. TEG's format of game-based learning is a formula for success with students. Kids can play with classmates, students from other schools, other states, and eventually, other countries! Their class-dedicated TEG Ambassador will be there to encourage, coach and mentor along the way. Students earn in-game cash rewards, which can be used towards merchandise, school supplies, clothing and more. As students progress, the rewards get bigger and can be used towards business equipment, one-on-one mentoring, or even tuition. The higher the student performs, the better prepared they are for their future. The annual Dream Child Awards program recognizes outstanding performance and could open doors to scholarships, grants, internships, or jobs.

Win for Parents: Remote Learning—the new term that strikes fear into every parent's heart! Not to worry, our TEG web-based program can help! The online format easily integrates into a student's remote learning curriculum or formal

Home-School guidelines, taking some pressure off Mom and Dad! Either way, kids benefit from The Entrepreneur Game as they learn life skills that set them up for success, whatever their future holds!

Win for Sponsoring Businesses: The more relatable The Entrepreneur Game is, the more effective the learning. TEG offers local business sponsorships and participation. Do you own the local auto repair, bookkeeping firm or spa? Sponsor a local high school, and TEG can feature your business in the game as a real-life example for student learning.

This branding opportunity (think of it like a Little League sponsorship, but cheaper) goes a long way by allowing students an opportunity for relatable learning. Sponsorship builds your business name right into the game and includes a TEG "I Am Entrepreneur" sweatshirt with a live QR code that links directly to your website or social media assets. Sponsors also can be featured at the annual Dream Child Awards, which recognizes the participating students’ outstanding achievements.

Q, What's involved with Sponsorship?

A: An individual or business can do Sponsorship. You can share the program with any company you believe would be interested in supporting their local school system. Sponsors can designate which school gets the program. If it is a Business Sponsorship, TEG will feature their business in the game (see above Win for Sponsoring

Businesses for more). TEG will also donate one board game to a local community center in the Sponsor's name. We suggest you gift them the included "I AM ENTREPRENEUR!" sweatshirt.

Program Features

 Activity based entrepreneurial training on a different level.

  1. Math, reading comprehension, vocabulary improvement, which means higher scores in standardized testing, which means more money for education to our schools.
  2. Ambassador program: we can hire program ambassadors (using college students to be ambassadors and share their knowledge with our students) which means we are employing people. Ambassadors provide mentorship (ongoing) as well as being a liaison between the teachers, school administrators and the game so that we can continue to improve the lessons that are taught through this game.
  3. Incentive based learning: we will be providing year-round incentives to our students like; monetary incentives for the winners of each game played (so students will compete hard and learn hard), in-game cash incentives connected to an online store we run that will allow them to purchase business/school supplies such as paper, pens, backpacks, books and other critical supplies (for no money). Students can also choose to use their in-game cash in the game play to give them an “advantage” in winning the next game they play (strategies).
  4. Scholarships & Seed Money: At the end of each school year, we will host a DreamChild Awards, virtual awards ceremony that will award students on their educational and entrepreneurial achievements. Awards will include; trophies, scholarships, seed money for their entrepreneurial business ventures, internships, mentorship programs and more.

 In addition, we can prepare this program for;

  1. Schools Worldwide. We have shown our ability to create games in other languages. Once we change the language of the web-based game, we can market it to schools in all of the countries around the world in their own languages.
  2. Vocational Training Schools. We have shown our ability to create games for individual fields of study. Imagine this program being designed for school programs teaching; Culinary, Nursing, Construction, Internet Technologies, Engineering, Electrical…and all other fields of endeavor.