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21st Century Skills for a 21st Century world!
21st Century Skills for a 21st Century world!

Web-Based Program

DM Media Incorporated Presents: 

The Entrepreneur Game, Web-based: Business plan presentation  

Business Concept

Current Problem

 There are too many school systems around the United States (and the world) that have students failing in basic subjects that build the various skills that they need to survive and to thrive in our ever-changing world. Our children are failing in the basic school designated learning programs such as; CTE (Career & Technical Education), SOL (Standards of Learning), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), WISE (Women in Science & Technology), and other State designated testing programs, in record numbers. This means that they are not excelling in the basic core competencies that they need to survive (mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, communication, decision-making and critical thinking).

 In addition to the above, students are not learning entrepreneurial mindsets and skills that will help them achieve their dreams and propel our world forward. Entrepreneurial skills such as budgeting, financial aptitude, planning, negotiating, communicating, decision-making, critical thinking, marketing, branding and other 21st Century skills are detrimental to the success of any competent adult looking to make a living in this world. Entrepreneurial skills carry over to all aspects of life, whether that individual will seek to participate in full-time employment or open their own business.

 Our Solution

 The Entrepreneur Game is developing a web-based gaming program (based off of our ground-breaking board game that was just featured in Forbes Magazine), that will teach all of the same great entrepreneurial lessons our board game currently teaches. The Entrepreneur Game currently teaches children practical and real-life based entrepreneurial acumen through activity and participation-based learning. The Entrepreneur Game creates a safe space for children to become knowledgeable and experienced about entrepreneurship though activity-based learning and problem solving.

 However, we have not stopped at providing entrepreneurial training within our game. This same game program will also include activities and consistent testing that will allow children to learn the core educational competencies they need to graduate, Through the use of repetition based learning and by relating concepts with in-game actions that reflect real world application, we will be able to enhance students knowledge-base, which will help increase scholastic aptitude test scores.

 In short, we will not only teach entrepreneurship in a fun and safe environment, but we will help our school systems graduate competent students who will go on to change the world, because they have the practical experience they need to achieve their dreams. Our children win, our school systems win, our communities win and our world wins.

 We will not only teach our children, but we will also connect our children to each other; children of different backgrounds, communities, grade levels and ideologies all over the United States (and eventually the world), will be able to play together, discuss ideas, form relationships and perhaps create great things for our world. Our children will no longer be separated by communities, by miles, or any other barriers. This will promote interstate commerce, ideas and understanding that will lead us all into the future. Through this web-based game, we can connect;

 Program Features

 Activity based entrepreneurial training on a different level.

  1. Math, reading comprehension, vocabulary improvement, which means higher scores in standardized testing, which means more money for education to our schools.
  2. Ambassador program: we can hire program ambassadors (using college students to be ambassadors and share their knowledge with our students) which means we are employing people. Ambassadors provide mentorship (ongoing) as well as being a liaison between the teachers, school administrators and the game so that we can continue to improve the lessons that are taught through this game.
  3. Incentive based learning: we will be providing year-round incentives to our students like; monetary incentives for the winners of each game played (so students will compete hard and learn hard), in-game cash incentives connected to an online store we run that will allow them to purchase business/school supplies such as paper, pens, backpacks, books and other critical supplies (for no money). Students can also choose to use their in-game cash in the game play to give them an “advantage” in winning the next game they play (strategies).
  4. Scholarships & Seed Money: At the end of each school year, we will host a DreamChild Awards, virtual awards ceremony that will award students on their educational and entrepreneurial achievements. Awards will include; trophies, scholarships, seed money for their entrepreneurial business ventures, internships, mentorship programs and more.

 In addition, we can prepare this program for;

  1. Schools Worldwide. We have shown our ability to create games in other languages. Once we change the language of the web-based game, we can market it to schools in all of the countries around the world in their own languages.
  2. Vocational Training Schools. We have shown our ability to create games for individual fields of study. Imagine this program being designed for school programs teaching; Culinary, Nursing, Construction, Internet Technologies, Engineering, Electrical…and all other fields of endeavor.

Company’s Long-Term Mission

Our long-term mission is to educate children around the world by enhancing core educational competencies, life skills and entrepreneurial skills and abilities that will allow them to excel in life.

This is good for our children, our communities, our Countries and our world. 

Market Summary

There are too many school systems around the United States (and the world) that have students failing in basic subjects that build the various skills needed to survive and thrive in our ever-changing world.

Problems & Opportunities

 Our children are failing in the basic school learning programs such as; CTE (Career & Technical Education), SOL (Standards of Learning), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), WISE (Women in Science & Technology), and other State designated testing programs, in record numbers. This means that they are not excelling in the basic core competencies that they need to survive (mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, communication, decision-making and critical thinking).

In addition, because of the recent affects of Covid-19 on the world’s population, education is changing. No longer are the days of our children simply going to school and sitting through classes in an effort to gain the knowledge that they will so desperately need to succeed post high school. If our children were failing although teaching assistance was present with them, how much more difficult will it be to teach our children and make sure they are getting the education and information they need, now that our school systems have been forced to adopt a new virtual format of teaching? How long will it take for our school systems to be able to “process” this new way of learning and provide a viable solution to this new way of education that will not cause our children to suffer?

Well, this program changes everything! The web-based Entrepreneur Game has been created at the perfect time to help school transition to this new learning style, without compromising the integrity of our students receiving a quality education;

The right program at the right time!

The Entrepreneur Game program will help our school system not miss a beat in graduating competent student who will go on to change the world, because they understand and have practical experience in using the skills, they need to achieve their dreams. Our students will grow in their core educational competencies, in entrepreneurial education and ability. Through this game, we will increase the number of students that will walk out of high school with a viable business already operating.

Our children win, our school systems win, our communities win and our world wins.


There is no competition!

Currently, there is no program on the market that do what we are doing, we will be the first one.

The Entrepreneur Game in physical form is the world’s 1st and only STEM Accredited Entrepreneur Board Game.

The inclusion of educational training inside the game, to compliment the entrepreneurial training inside the game, will help students around the United States increase their understanding and scoring on standardized testing, is a first.

Connecting students across the United States through a web-based educational and entrepreneurial gaming program so that they can learn together and form relationships, both personal and business, is a first.

Capping off each school year with a virtual awards ceremony to recognize academic and entrepreneurial achievement, along with scholarships, entrepreneurial seed money, mentoring programs and internships is a first.

*We are patent pending, so when the patent goes live, no one will be able to duplicate what we have done for at least 20 years!

Goals and Objectives

*Five Year Goals

It is our goal to be at a minimum of 50% U.S. market penetration by the end of the fifth year. We will continue to improve the entrepreneurial and educational ability of the program to match trending business and educational advancements.

By the end of the fifth year of business, we expect the testing scores of high school student that participate in this curriculum based entrepreneurial gaming program to be at historic highs. The goal is that no child participating in this program will fail a standardized test and that 90% of our participating students will be equipped to operate their own viable entrepreneurial business successfully.

Resource Requirements


Program Ambassadors

We will have one Program Ambassador for every 18 students participating in this program.

Ambassadors will be business students from local colleges in the School Districts’ areas, from State to State.

Additional personnel will be;

Program Administrators (One per school district)

Regional Directors


Technology will be the main requirement of this business. We currently have a programmer who is creating the software, and we will contract this program to upkeep the software on an on-going business. We will also use this same programmer to improve on the software from year to year, based on new information gained, new technologies available and new requests from school administrators.


We will require the initial finances to create the web-based program.

We will require the finances to keep the program running and up to date, continuing maintenance.

We will require finances for use of a cloud-based yearly storage plan.

We will require the finances to pay the ambassadors for ongoing monitoring and mentorship for the program.

We will require finances to provide cash incentives to the students for achievements and accomplishments on a weekly basis, as well as filling an online store with business and personal items that can be purchased with in-game cash.

We will require the finances to provide end of year achievement rewards for students, such as scholarships, business seed money, trophies and other awards and gifts.


As a web-based program, our distribution channels are online. There are no additional costs for distribution.


Our promotion costs are low. Our promotion consists of allowing a school system to utilize the software for one semester, free of charge to them. This will happen from January – June.

The cost of running a bare-bones, operational program, per school for one semester is $1,000.


There are no products to purchase to run this program.

Risks and Rewards


The main risk in this proposed business venture is that the school systems will not choose to add this program to the group of programs that they already have the choice to offer during the upcoming school year. There are several Entrepreneurship programs that schools can choose to institute into their curriculum, and they choose based on what the students will want to participate in and what the benefit of the programs are.


This program is the only game based entrepreneurial program offered on the market. In addition, this program touts the benefit of helping prepare students for passing the State Mandated, Mandatory Standardized Tests. By showing the focus on CTE, SOL, STEM, WISE and other State designated testing (which varies from State to State), we show trackable and measurable statistics and testing results, which speaks the language that school administrators want to hear in order to make an informed and favorable decision.


School Administrators Win: They get to institute a program which addresses education and entrepreneurship and improves testing scores, which are directly tied to the funding that they are able to receive year to year.

Students Win: Students get to learn the skills they need to secure a profitable future. They obtain the education they need to succeed in life, they learn entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to start viable businesses while still in school. This will increase their self-confidence, their financial stability and their options post-graduation.

Teachers Win: Teachers get to institute a programed game that will assist them in teaching their curriculums. The game will complement their lessons through activity based, repetitive and entertaining learning, without increasing teacher workload. Because we have ambassadors monitoring and mentoring the students during the play/class, this frees teachers up to concentrate on other work they must complete.

Investors Win: This is a money maker. Once the program is created, there are no more major expenses other than upkeep and student support. That makes this business a cash heavy, low expense cash cow, which will pay royalties every quarter, every year.