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Winner of "BEST IN STEM AWARD" from Newsweek Magazine!
"BEST IN STEM AWARD" Newsweek Magazine!


Life Changing Bundle Collection

Two of our Award Winning STEM Accredited games!

First, your copy of the Original Version, the one that got it all started!

Finally, a copy of Rise of the Returning Citizen! The Entrepreneur Game was created specifically for our incarcerated and recently released citizens. Life will be tough and jobs hard to find, but with the power of entrepreneurial knowledge, your loved one will have a better chance of creating a living wage and providing for their families, and building their communities!

The Entrepreneur Game is THE critical piece missing from most children’s education. The Entrepreneur game enhances players' confidence, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

The Entrepreneur Game is a STEM Accredited educational game, serving as a gateway for children and adults to learn about money, innovation, and entrepreneurship, using 21st Century skills to gainfully maneuver on the road to success and financial freedom.